Crown Vic Rules

LEGAL CARS: ONLY Ford Crown Victoria, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, Mercury Grand Marquis
and Lincoln Town Car 1995 or Newer

1. Must Remain in stock location or moved to the Rear Passenger Floorboard
2. IF moved, the battery must be enclosed in a battery box that is securely mounted to the floor
3. IF battery is moved, an All Power Kill Switch is required to be placed behind the driver within reach of
safety officials standing outside of the Car

1. Must remain Stock with no Sharp Edges or Points
2. A steel-tubing towing hoop is required to be welded to the top of the front bumper. It can be no
wider than 3″ past the frame Rails
3. Rear bumpers can not be braced up in any way

1. You may adjust as factory adjustments allow however NO modification of factory suspension is

1. Drivers must wear a full faced helmet at all times while on track
2. A full fire suit, one or two piece is Required
3. Some form of Head and Neck protection is required. Foam Neck Collar is acceptable however an Head
and Neck Restraint system is highly recommended

1. Must Remain Entirely stock 4.6L SOHC Engine.
2. Manifold Must Remain Stock
3. Air Filters Must Remain Stock
4. Absolutely not adjustment to the ECM of any kind, Stock parameters must be in place when inspected

1. Pipes must go beyond the driver and exit from the side or rear of the car
2. Muffler and Exhaust Components are not Required, Straight pipes under the vehicle are legal

1. Must Remain STOCK and in the stock position
2. Replacing with a Fuel Cell or anything other than the stock tank is NOT Permitted

1. Must have hood type pins for easy access by track officials. No Bolting Down.

1. All numbers MUST be registered with the track before competition. There will be NO Duplicate
numbers or numbers with letters preceding or following it.

2. Numbers on the Door and Roof are required. Numbers must be at least 16″ tall. The Roof Number
should be facing the passenger side of the vehicle

1. Steering Column must remain STOCK. Addition of a Quick Release and racing wheel is permitted
2. Dash must remain STOCK. All Airbags in the car MUST be removed
3. Pedals must remain STOCK
4. All Glass must be removed except the Windshield. Windshield Glass can be left in or removed.
5. Windshield must have 3 or more Solid Steel Vertical Bars in front of the driver. If windshield glass is in,
the bars must be inside the windshield.

1. Must Remain Entirely STOCK
2. Factory Ford Gear Only
3. 2.73, 3.27, 3.55 and 3.73 ratios are the only Ratios Legal
4. No aftermarket Lockers
5. You may lock the differential by use of STOCK Locking Device or Welding Rear Spider Gears

1. Must be a minimum 4 point cage with 4 curved door bars on the driver’s side. Straight bars can be
used on the passenger side.
2. Cage must be welded to the frame and not the floor pan.
3. A driver’s door plate is required. It must be 1/4” thick steel and measure 18” by 48”. It can be on the
outside or inside of the car.

1. A racing seat is Required and must be bolted to the cage, not the floor, with a minimum 3/8″ Grade 5
or Higher Bolts
2. Belts must be 5 Point racing harness

1. No altering of the suspension including sway bar links.
2. No Air Ride, No Cutter, No Heating and No Lowering of Springs.
3. Shocks and Springs can only be replaced by the same stock parts or OEM Replacements. (Can cut two
2″ holes above the rear shocks to access top shock nut)
4. Speedway Motors Rubber Coil Spring Part# 5501285 are the ONLY Spring Rubbers/Spacers allowed to
be used at any time.
5. Spring Rubbers are ONLY LEGAL in the Right Front Spring to dampen the body roll of the car and cause
less damage to the racing surface.
6. Any Spring Rubbers/Spacers other than that described above or in a location other than the RIGHT
1. All Season Tires Only
2. The Only tire Sizes Legal are 235/55/17, 225/60/16 and 215/70/15.
3. No High Performance, Auto Cross or Directional Tires Permitted
4. No Soaking, Softening, Grooving, Siping or Needling of Tires

1. Must Remain entirely STOCK
1. Must be steel stock wheels
2. All 4 Wheels must be the same size and offset
3. No Wheel Spacers
4. No offset wheels on Cars 2001 and Newer