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Paducah International Raceway

2016  Bomber Rules

·  Stock OEM for make and model. VIN # must be present in its stock oem placement, Unaltered. Engine must match make/model of vehicle what came from factory must be in car. No mirrors, No door handles. Wrecked Cars must be Repaired (no Loose parts).  Door must be welded Shut.

·  Minimum: 100 inch wheelbase. Front or Rear Wheel drive are allowed. Trucks and cars are allowed

·  V-8’s or V-6’s only. Fuel injection or throttle bodies; stock type 2 or 4 barrel carburetors only. No Holly carbs. Engine Compression Must be within vehicles manufacturer specs.  This goes by make/model. No all wheel driver or 4 wheel drive.

·  Stock is the keyword. EVERYTHING about and on vehicle must be STOCK.

·  No gutting. Stock Tanks Fuel Cells Optional, Stock tanks / Fuel Cells can be mounted in truck.

·  Loop Bar with 3 kickers min.

·  Door plates (Plate size 1/4” x 12”) and must extend past front and center post and must remain inside the firewalls.

·  Can move battery but must be secured and covered. If evaporator box is removed, must have hole covered.

·  All cars must have number on both sides and on top (18” or larger).

·  Everything on car must be stock OEM except for air cleaner and valve covers.

·  All glass must be removed.

·  All wheels must be the same size and offset. 7″ max width. No racing or homemade wheels allowed. Stock offset only.

·  Any series D.O.T. steel belted radials.  Must have same size on all 4 wheels. No Staggers

·  Regardless of stock OEM gears, must run 308 gears or higher. Regardless of type of rearend differential, all cars must be one wheel pull. (no positive traction, limited slip or lock up devices)

·  Rub rails are allowed.

·  4 point racing harness mandatory.

·  No Added Weight.

·  Absolutely No Performance Parts.

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