602 Crate Late Model Rules

2350 lbs with driver at ALL TIMES

Quicksilver 602 (357) part # 714-8M0184602 must have factor seal and not tempter with. If you do, we will keep the motor or GM 602 with factor seal not tempter with:
GM twist off bolt engines will NOT be legal, Chevrolet performance cap seals
Crate USA Gen IV (green) or Gen V (black) cable seals, RUSH cable seals or IMCA cable seals

Quicksilver Sealed 602ct (357) motor part #714-8M0184602. Factory stock 602 GM sealed crate engine; engine must have factory GM seals or Ump, Nesmith Crate Racin USA

Engine may be claimed ($5500.00) $250 going to track. The fee must be paid in cash to the tech inspector. Total for claim is $5750.00. If the driver does not take the claim; racetrack will keep $250 and the rest will go back to the one that claims it.
The claim must be made at the Scales and Money within 5 minutes of the completion of the race.
Only the top five drivers finishing a race may claim a crate engine.
A driver can only claim one engine per event.
Not included in the claim will be carburetor, water pump & pulleys, water neck, motor mounts, fuel pump, fuel pump rod & cover and flywheel assembly.
Failure to pull a claimed engine will result in the driver forfeiting all money for the event. The driver will be required to pay a $200.00 fine before they can compete again.

4-barrel carburetor no bigger than 650 cfm
Engine must be naturally aspirated
1” carburetor spacer allowed

Stock type fuel pumps Carter M4891 or equivalent. Belt driven power steering/fuel pump off the back of motor OK. No electric pumps permitted.
Gasoline, racing gas, VPX85, E 85 IS ALLOWED

Any electronic distributor-type ignition system.
No crank trigger, distributor less multi-coil, or magneto ignition system.
6AL or 6ALN MSD box is ONLY MSD box allowed.
No electronic traction control devices. 5. MSD box may be confiscated by series/track at any time.

Cast or aluminum water pumps allowed, stock mounted water pumps and fans only, no electric fans or pumps allowed.

Collector type headers no zoomies, no Tri-Y or merged collector headers
Collector type headers required. Must have four (4) tube into one (1) collector
Mufflers not required UNLESS track mandates them. If mandated, mufflers must have some type of internal noise dampening characteristics i.e., baffles, extruded holes, screen, chambered, etc. Mufflers must meet local speedway’s noise decibel requirements.
No tri-y headers or merged headers allowed
No square tube headers

All transmission brands allowed if it has reverse and forward gears in working order.

Minimum wheelbase will be 103”

Standard quick change rear end permitted. No Titanium or exotic material axles, spools, gears, or other materials inside rear end.

6 ½” from center of ball joint to #1 spark plug, ½” tolerance. 50lb weight penalty for every ½” out of tolerance mounted in front of water pump.

103” wheelbase minimum, 1” tolerance.
Any Late Model Chassis allowed, square tube or round tube. NO aluminum frames, square tube frames must be a minimum of 2”x 2” tubing, round tube must be a minimum of 1 ¾” tubing. Full racing roll cage mandatory, 1 ½ OD x .090 steel tubing minimum.

Standard Late Model Suspensions Only. No Spring Loaded or Shock Type 4 Bar Rods.
Only Standard Solid Bar 4 Bar Rods. No Torsion Bar Front or Rear Suspension.
Standard One Piece Bird Cages; No Split Bird Cages (All must work as one NOTHING can be split)
May run 1 of the following rear suspensions, 5th coil or torque link, NOT both.
One (1) Coil Spring Per Wheel. One (1) 5th Coil. No Bump stops, or Bump springs allowed on Any Corner Except For the RIGHT FRONT. No Stack Springs on Any Corner Including 5th Coil. No Progressive Springs. No Spring Rubbers.
No data acquisition devices of any type allowed.


One (1) working shock per wheel. NO DUMMY SHOCK OF ANY KIND. One (1) 5th coil shock only. NO single adjustable or double adjustable shocks allowed. NO canister style or remote adjustable shocks permitted. NO externally adjustable shocks. No Schrader valve shocks. NO internal bump stops. NO Air Shocks or Spring Cages Allowed. No “Thru Rod” or Inerter Shocks. Buy any 1 to 5 shocks for $200 each, must be in the top 5 to buy, can buy back or forward, in the top Five.
One (1) 90/10 shock allowed to be mounted on top of rear end. TRACK HAS THE RIGHT TO BUY ANY SHOCKS ALSO.
Front shocks must collapse and extend 7”, 9” rear shock must collapse and extend 9”
Shock sleeves are allowed to be used to protect shock but can be asked to be removed at any time by Quicksilver 602 Late Model Series Official
Shock claim
$200 per shock.
Car claiming shock(s) must finish in the top 5 and on the lead lap. Claims must be made to Tech Official within 5 minutes after the checkered flag falls on the feature event
Refusal to allow shocks to be claimed or confiscated will result in driver losing all points and money from that event and face the following punishment:
First Offense –$250 fine
Second Offense –$500 fine
Third Offense –$1,000 fine and year suspension
No reverse shock claims allowed (Cannot claim shocks from any car finishing behind you.)
Series may confiscate or claim shocks to determine they meet the required specifications at any time. If shock(s) are confiscated and deemed legal, they will be returned to driver. If shocks are determined to be illegal, driver will lose all

Must have at least one forward and one reverse gear in working order.
No straight drives or in and out boxes.
Drive shafts must be painted white for safety.
Carbon fiber drive shafts are legal.
Ball spline transmissions strongly recommended to run carbon fiber drive shaft only for safety

See body diagram/specifications

No raised or gurney lips of any type allowed on body.
Doors and quarters must be flat or may have an outward roll. No doors or body panels allowed to be rolled inward.
No tunneling of any type allowed underneath body, along frame, or around fuel cell area.
Stone shield for remote oil filter or transmission is allowed. 24” x 24” maximum, located near rear engine plate.
8” maximum spoiler. Must be made of solid material such as Lexan, sheet aluminum, or material of equal strength.
Spoiler and spoiler supports should be made of equal material and size on all areas.
No open spoiler supports.
Spoiler height, width, and angle must always be the same for the entire area of the spoiler. No varying spoiler heights or spoiler angles.
Roof supports or “C” pillars on both sides must be made of equal material.
Window openings are allowed but must be the same size opening on left and right side. If clear Lexan is used, it must be used on both sides. BOTH sides have be either open or both sides must be closed.
Curved or arced roof supports allowed. 3” maximum arc allowed at widest point. Will be checked with straight edge extended from roof edge to door edge.
No mirrors at any location on the car.
No Radios, or any type of two-way communication. RaceCeiver one-way communication is the ONLY communication device.

Any Wheel, 14” maximum width. Bead lock permitted any position.
Wide 5 wheels and adapters permitted.
LM 20, 1350, Crate 21, AMR48, LM40, 1600, D55, AMR56 No other tires are to be used MUST PUNCH 46 at all times
No inner liners No tire softeners permitted. Tires will be subject to lab testing at any time to determine legality.

Tear down rules 602 GM, or 602 Quicksilver Motors ($3000.000)
Must have finished in the top five of the features. $3000.00 cash at scales or within 10 minutes of the race’s end. The driver must state at scales of a tear down to the official. Driver being protested will have 10 minutes to say yes or no. If driver refuses or says no to tear down, you are telling all of us that you are wrong, and you know it is wrong, then you will have to pay a $250 fine before you can race again. Half of the money is returned to the one who protested (- $500.00 for the series). If yes, after the motor is removed from the car it will be taken to an engine builder of the racetrack’s choosing. The motor will be looked at according to the GM Rule Book, no other modifications or changes should have been made. If the motor is found to be right, then $500.00 will be given to the one who got protested and $500.00 will go to the series. If the motor is found to be wrong the fine will be $1200.00 to be given to the Series before you can have you motor back and must have paperwork to be able to race the next time series she comes back to track. This is to cover the time and embarrassment of the whole situation for the protest. Each party is responsible for putting their motor back together.