2013 D Tire Rule for Mods and Street Stocks

2013 D Tire Rule for UMP Modifieds and UMP Street Stocks

In an effort to bring racing to a more level playing field amongst competitors as well as a more competitive show for the fans, Paducah International Raceway have decided on tire rules for the Modifieds and Street Stocks. Generally when rules are made they are set out and enforced immediately. Rather than make changes abruptly we have decided to apply them on a gradient scale.
The allotted time frame for each phase of this rule will allow drivers time to use up the tires they may already have and also give them a time frame to get the approved tires they need.
Opening Night thru May 1—D’s, A’s and H’s will be allowed on all four wheels
After May 1st thru May 31st—Only A’s or H’s will be allowed on Right Rear. No D’s on Right rear. Left Rear and both fronts D’s, A’s, or H’s will be allowed.
After May 31st—–Only A’s or H’s will be allowed on Right Rear and Left Rear. No D’s will be allowed on rear of car. D’s, A’s, or H’s will be allowed on fronts until further notice.
We truly feel this will increase the level of racing action that can be provided to the race fans. As well as prevent drivers from the expense of the D tire being purchased on such a regular basis. Putting drivers on a more level field will only contribute to better racing!

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