Dylan Scott/ Lily Rose Seating Chart

Paducah International Raceway (PIR) is a 3/8 mile, clay oval track located in Paducah, KY. UMP Super Late Models, CARS Crate Late Models, UMP Open Wheel Modified, UMP Pure Streets, Warrior, and Mini Sprints have raced at PIR. PIR also hosted Demolition Derby events.

The track was first opened in 1972 and was operated by numerous ownership groups until it was purchased by NASCAR drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kenny Schrader along with promoter Bob Sargent in 2005. This was Earnhardt Jr.’s first track while Schrader and Sargent both previously owned tracks in Illinois and Missouri. The group was joined by NASCAR driver Tony Stewart in late 2006, who also owned Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, OH and is part owner in Macon Speedway, Macon, IL.

The track’s signature race was the USA World 50, billed as “The World’s Richest 50-Lap Race”. First held in 1978, the race featured Super Late Model racing cars. The race featured drivers from the MARS Racing Series and the UMP Racing Series.

At the end of the 2016 season, the track went dormant, with no racing taking place in the 2017 season. The track reopened in April 2018, but was again shut down in May of that year until recently being purchased by Adam Elliott and his wife Brittany Elliott. Paducah International Raceway is in process to open the facility in 2022 and welcome back the fans of Western Kentucky!!