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Tim Brown


With Almost Three Decades of Racing Experience, Tim Brown Shows He Still Knows His Way Around A Race Track

With a racing career spanning 25+ years, Tim Brown proves that experience is tough to beat. Brown first became interested in racing when he attended the weekly races with his dad. “Dad took me all the time;” he shared “we went every weekend.”

Brown started racing at the age of 14-years old at the old Keeling Track. “Dad got me into it. Back in the days I raced the Hobby ‘s,” he shared. He picked up his first win in that class at Paducah, the Track Championship in 1978, and Mid-Season and Season Championships in 1979 before taking a break in 1981. “I quit for 12-15 years,” he added. He has a combined total of 25-years racing experience.

Brown credits his mom and dad with having the biggest influence on his racing career. “Mom and Dad got me into it and stuck with me all these years.” His parents can still be found in the stands cheering their son to victory.

While Brown has many memories of racing, his biggest memory is like that of many drivers, that one of his first win which happened on May 14, 1977- two days before his birthday. Brown laughed as he recalled telling his crew, “Man, I need to win a race tonight.” And win that night he did when he picked up the first of many Heat wins in his stellar career. He added, “It’s been a long time ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday… (I was) pretty excited… that was one thing I wanted to do.”

In many ways, Brown paved the way for many young drivers of today. At this time, there were not many young drivers. “You didn’t have the 4-Cylinder classes like you do today… We actually had a meeting about me racing at that age. Everybody agreed that if I did a good enough job, they didn’t see a problem (with it.)”

In 2000, Brown picked up his first Super Late Model Feature win at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway. He won a total of nine Features there that year. “(That was) the best year I ever had,” he added. Before that first win his crew told him, “You’re going to win one… when you do we’re going to shave your head.” Brown laughed, “And they did!” He went on to win the KLMS Late Model Championship that same year. 

While Paducah International Raceway is now his home track, Brown also races at Clarksville Motor Speedway where he has one Feature win. “I really want one at Paducah,” he shared. “(I’ve) come close at Paducah.” In fact, Brown raced within 10-points of winning the 2011 Track Championship.

In five years, Brown hopes to still be doing the same thing. “(I want) to be competitive… when you get 50-years old you worry about it more and you start losing your reflexes… you start to use your experience more than your reflexes.”

When asked about where he sees his racing career in 10-years, he responds with a laugh, “I don’t know. You probably know as well as I do… (I hope) to still be having fun.” 

Brown does not discredit the amount of work that goes into a successful racing career. “(It’s) a lot of work… washing the cars and cleaning them up… (all the) things the people in the stands don’t see.”

For the 2012 season, Brown has two Top-Five Feature finishes and one Heat win. He is currently sitting in the second spot in Championship points standings, trailing the top spot by a mere two points.

Brown, who resides in Benton, Kentucky, currently drives the #T14 Super Late Model (the same car number he has driven the course of his career.) His sponsors include CSFB, Ultra Wheels, and Custom Automotive. His hobbies off the track include fishing and golfing, but Brown shares, “(There’s) not a lot of time to do it.”

His family including wife, Kim; sons, Dustin, Austin, and Cameron; step-children Cary and Keylee; along with his parents can be found at the track each week supporting their favorite driver. Racing is a family event for this family. Not only does he race but so does his son Cameron and step-son Cary who compete against each other in the Pro (Crate) Late Model class. 

With a stellar career spanning over two decades, Tim Brown shows he has the experience to run with the young guns. Come to Paducah International Raceway on Friday nights to see him race to his first Feature win at his home track.

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