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Jason McBride



For Jason McBride Racing is a Way of Life

For many drivers, racing is a hobby, but for Jason McBride it is a way of life. “Racing’s my job,” he shared.

Growing up in Carbondale, Illinois, McBride spent a lot of time at the track in Marion. During this time, he ventured into racing Mini-Sprints. One of his first memories of racing goes back to those early days when he watched one of his friends race Mini-Sprints at a track in Indiana.

“(Mini-Sprints) was the first time I ever drove anything,” McBride recalled. Once he began racing Mini-Sprints at Paducah International Raceway, it was not long before he became interested in something a little bigger with a little more horsepower.

“Going to PIR is what made me change to Late Models,” McBride admitted.

He soon began following the career of three-time UMP Summer National Champion Dennis Erb. “We still follow them around,” McBride shared. He also credits Erb with having the biggest influence on his racing career. And where could you ever find a better role model. McBride laughed, “Yeah, he’s alright.”

He is also not lacking support from the home front either. “Dad and Mom go everywhere with me.” McBride shared. His girlfriend, Cassie, can also be found at the track supporting her favorite driver. “She likes the racing, but not all the time it takes up on the weekend,” he added.

McBride picked up his first Feature win during the 2009 season at Clarksville Motor Speedway. He went on to win a total of four Features there that year. When asked how it felt to get that coveted first win, McBride shared, “(It) made it all feel like it was worth it… all the work you put into it.” He also picked up a Feature win at Paducah International Raceway that same year.

For the 2010 season at PIR, McBride had four Top-five Feature finishes and nine Top-10 Feature finishes. He also finished eighth in the Track Championship points standings.

This summer marked McBride’s second appearance on the UMP Summer Nationals Hell Tour, which as any race fan knows, is the most grueling month of racing covering 5,223 miles across 26 tracks in 31 days. This year he posted an admirable 10th place finish on the tour.

“(It’s) a lot of work and a lot of driving… you put a week’s worth of work into every day. I think we had only two days off and one of those was used as a make up date for rain,” McBride spoke of his experience on the infamous Hell Tour. McBride continued on how the tour is good experience for new drivers. “You drive your car every night… a lot of laps in a little time.”

Even when he is not tackling the Summer Nationals, McBride maintains a full schedule running not only Paducah International Raceway, but also tracks in Missouri, Clarksville, and Granite City.

Over the course of the next five years, McBride admits,”(I) would like to be more of a regional (driver)… like a Dennis Erb or Jason Feger.” These are some very prominent footsteps to follow.

And where would he like to be in 10-years? McBride laughed, “I don’t know… even better. It’s hard to say. I don’t even know what I’m doing tomorrow.”

McBride has a total of five-years racing experience, with four of those years in a Late Model. He currently drives the #77 Super Late Model sponsored by McBride Mack Sales, Afco, Dodd Sign, and JR McBride, Inc. He also admits that racing does not leave much time for anything else because his weekends are taken up.

Jason McBride shows that racing is more than a hobby to him; it is a way of life. Come to Paducah International Raceway on Friday nights and see him get the job done as he races for stardom on the Regional circuit.

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