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Emily Crowell


Emily Crowell Proves that Racing Is Not Just for the Guys

Sure when it comes to racing, “Guys do it all the time.” Emily Crowell shows that girls can too.

“Not a lot of girls were doing this. I thought it would be really cool to be a role model to other girls,” Emily recalled as what led to her passion for racing.

Emily grew up around racing. Her grandfather, Billy Brooks, is a mainstay at Paducah International Raceway where he has sponsored many drivers throughout the years. One of those drivers was John Tindal.

“I always cheered for him,” Emily spoke of John and the influence he had on her racing career.

Emily started out racing 4-Cylinders for three years which led to her first defining moment in racing. She started on the pole in a 4-Cylinder race having never raced or driven a car before. Now that is how you make a mark in the world of racing! Emily now has a total of five years racing experience.

“On top of the world!” is how Emily felt when she won her first Heat at PIR.[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]How long does Emily plan on racing? “As long as my dad keeps working on my car,”[/pullquote]
She has gone on to win several other Heat races, including her first Pro (Crate) Late Model Heat at PIR’s Season Championships.

Emily currently races exclusively at Paducah International Raceway, but has raced 4-Cylinders in Nebo, Kentucky a few times. She sees herself still racing Pro (Crate) Late Models over the next five years.

How long does Emily plan on racing? “As long as my dad keeps working on my car,” she laughed.

Emily currently drives the #7C Pro (Crate) Late Model. Her sponsors include Tri-State Construction, Brooks Stor-All, and Track-Tech. Emily graduated from Community Christian Academy where she was a varsity cheerleader and now attends Murray State University. Her hobbies include art, shopping, and having fun with her friends. For the 2010 season, she had a total of eight Top-10 Feature finishes and one Heat win..

“Guys do it all the time.”  Emily Crowell proves that girls can do it too. Come to Paducah International Raceway on Friday night and see Emily “get it done” on the track.

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