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Cameron Brown




Second Generation Driver Cameron Brown Keeps the Tradition Alive While Eyeing His First Track Championship

Racing is a hobby many young drivers carry into future generations. Cameron Brown is no different. He picked up the racing bug from his dad, Super Late Model driver Tim Brown, and is taking a ride of his own.

“I just wanted to race,” Brown shared. “(I) helped my dad since I could walk… I grew up around the races… (I) wanted to start sooner, like (when I) was 16, but it just didn’t work out.”
Brown may not have gotten behind the wheel of a racecar as soon as he would have preferred, but it seems he got behind the wheel when he needed to. With a very successful rookie season, he has proven that time is of the essence.

When asked his favorite memory of racing, Brown shared what most drivers share, the story of their first trip to Victory Lane. “My best memory was winning my first race… (It was) the last race of the season at Clarksville… (It) was a big deal to win the last race of my rookie season… (It) gave us a great off-season.” Adding to the emotions of that win was the fact that his grandparents- Roy and Peggy Brown were there to see it.

Brown credits both his grandfather and dad with having the biggest influences on his racing career. (It’d) have to be my dad and granddad… (My granddad) loves the races and is always helping with the cars, and my dad is always helping me and taught me all I know about racecars,” he added.

Speaking about how he felt when he picked up his first Feature win in the last race of the 2011 season at Clarksville Speedway, he said “(It was) pretty special… (I) really never dreamed of it, not in my rookie season… (I) was actually a little teary-eyed pulling into Victory Lane,” Brown laughed.

They say you never forget your rookie season, Brown certainly will not. In addition to picking up his first Feature win, he compiled several Top-Five finishes and won Rookie of the Year honors in the Pro (Crate) Late Model division at Paducah International Raceway.

While PIR is his home track, Brown does race at Clarksville, Atwood, Highland, and Windy Hollow, usually once a year when they run Crates. He added, “(We’re) going to run PIR for the most part… one of my big goals is to win the Points Championship… (My step-brother) Cary (King) won the past two years; we’d like to keep it with us.” This is a goal he is well on his way to achieving as he is currently the Championship points leader heading into this Friday’s (Pro) Crate Late Model Special.

Every time a driver gets behind the wheel, they increase both their chances of winning and wrecking. Brown shared some recent misfortune behind the wheel. “(I) flipped at Highland a couple weeks ago… (That) tops my wrecks… (it was) pretty scary.” He is still suffering the effects of a concussion sustained after hitting his head on the roll cage.

When asked where he hopes to be in his racing career in five years, Brown said, “Running Super Late Models; if the money is there, if not I’m happy where I am… (but I’d love) to be racing against Dad if he’s still running.”

As for his racing career 10 years down the road, Brown continued, “Same thing… hopefully racing Late Models… Super Late Models is max for me… (I) love dirt… (There’s) more money in asphalt, but it’s a hobby, I don’t do it for the money.”

Weekly racing is a family event for Brown’s family, not only do his dad and step-brother race, his grandparents, mom, step-mom, and brothers and step-sister can be found in the stands cheering him on.

Brown stays equally busy both on and off the track. He works at his family’s business, Custom Automotive and also operates his own business, Brown’s Lawn Care. He recently finished classes for the semester at West Kentucky Community and Technical College where he is studying Criminal Justice. He plans to go into Criminal Investigation.

His other passion besides racing is golfing. Brown shared, “(I’m) pretty big into golf… racing and golf (there’s) no time for much else.”

Brown’s hobbies have a way of turning into much bigger ventures. In fact, most race fans may not know it; but prior to last season, he was attending Rend Lake College on a full golf scholarship. His love for racing was stronger, and Brown traded a ride to college in for a ride with a lot more horsepower. He laughed, “(I) came home and started racing.”

Brown, a Calvert City, Kentucky native, has a total of two years racing experience. He currently drives the #C-14 Pro (Crate) Late Model sponsored by Custom Automotive, Heartland Motors, Lakeland Reporting, Schaeffer Oil, and Auto Gallerie.

Cameron Brown keeps his priorities in line, both on and off the track. Come to Paducah International Raceway on Friday nights and watch this second-generation driver race for his first (Pro) Crate Late Model Championship.

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